Dashboard© by MMM is a unique trading platform
like no other

The Next Generation of Trading

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithmic trading, and high-frequency trading are the new dominant forces in the modern markets today. Ever since we started to notice this gradual shift in the markets, it has led myself and my talented team of developers on a mission to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Rigorous optimization and back-testing, paired with a select few of our top students applying the dashboards© trade signals on real accounts, and a track record that’s just hard to believe, gave us the green light to finally release Dashboard© by MMM to the general public.

The Intelligence of Dashboard©
integrated into an elegant platform for all traders.

Pinpoint market reversals and trade in-line with the big banks

Dashboards© sophisticated algorithm will tell you exactly when a new trend has started and approximately how long it will last. It’s time you stop gambling your hard earned money in the markets and start profiting like a market maker.

Analyze the markets in minutes, not hours

Dashboards© unique functions and features, empowers you as the trader to precisely analyze the markets in a matter of minutes. No more second guessing whether or not your technical analysis was done properly or not. You’re chart time is cut in half so you can focus on what matters most… making a profit.

Powerful sorting functions for maximum efficiency

The most effective sorting function being by status, you have all the new peaks (new trends) right at you’re fingertips. Trading doesn’t get any easier than this!

1,000's of stocks, ETF's, cryptocurrencies, indices, penny stocks, commodities, and
dozens of new currency pairs are supported by Dashboard

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